Friday, March 26, 2010

Genie in a Bottle

Temple door

One of the things I thought of last Tuesday night, when watching Lost, was Jacob's bottle with a cork and his one wish to Richard. This yelled "Genie" to me, though in all the reviews I've read I hadn't come across any that talked about Lost's grand spectrum of mythology to include that of the jinn or Djinn, a supernatural being existing in a world parallel to mankind. Various cultures have various views of genies (derived from jinn/Djinn), including versions of ones who are associated with the sea (marids) and those who live beneath abandoned buildings, especially ruins (ifrits). Oh hello, Smokey! There's even a mention of one being like a smokeless fire.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ab Aeterno

Rainforest, Oahu

In the beginning (or a long time ago)...

Tonight (now, last night's--it's late and I have a bad head cold and can't sleep!) episode of Lost was very good. It was all about Richard Alpert's past, and answered a few mysteries that we've wondered about for the past seasons.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Not Time Traveling

This was a gift from Jacob. Only. . . It's not a gift at all. It's a curse.


I've got some time to write before heading over to Sam and Monica's for dinner, and then going on a "double-date" to see Alice in Wonderland. We actually already saw it, but it's pretty good. P.S. This post is about time and traveling.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Horus vs. Anubis

Jacob vs. Esau?

This Popeyes was turned into Mr. Cluck's Chicken
The plot after last Lost's episode thickens, and I think regardless of our theories of the island, which expand with every new reveal on every new episode, I am beginning to think that the writers and producers intended this show to be one of the first in its kind to involve audience interaction. What with blogs, youtube, forums, and so on, and millions of viewers, it's no wonder when this is the age where you can produce on television a level of audience-induced direction, if that makes any sense. I noticed in Episode 5, "Lighthouse," Hurley was barking out everything the audience was thinking. In this past episode, "Sundown," Miles uttered something about Claire being wilder but still hot. All these statements mimic what the fans have been saying and thinking.