Monday, January 18, 2016


Last week I began watching the show for a third time!

You have to wonder, now nearly six years after the final season, will I ever truly let go? I still haven't found a show to be that into as I was with "Lost," though also it's not like I really think about the show much for long periods of time. I really did get into "Game of Thrones," but not in the same way. Though I guess some commonalities would be great suspense and mystery, along with historical/mythological creations or references.

I'm now up to Season 2, "The Long Con" episode, which maybe I can watch tonight if there's time. But now, the show is different. I already know what happens. I know the incidents. I know the cons. I know that everybody loves Hugo. Still, as pointed out in my other blog, it now feels like curling up with an old friend when I rewatch "Lost". In hard days, it grounds me. The show definitely crept into the essence of who I am; for once you take in all of the story, you may never be the same as before. At least there is an enhanced version of myself, the one that continues to be reminded that we are all not perfect, that we make mistakes, that it is never too late for redemption. And life simply is the trial of that.

Six years--a lot can happen in there. I have tried to watch other shows that try to copy "Lost," and my one recommendation would be not to try to play off of it, rather create a fresh new different show that could be as awesome in its own right. I have also sometimes watched other movies or television shows that the characters from "Lost" have been in, but, unless their new roles, and stories, are evocative, I really can't say I get into them as much without the "Lost" dynamic. Though I did enjoy Evangeline Lilly in The Hobbit.