Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thoughts Much Later

I finally got some old blog posts into a new blog about Lost. The title "Can't Let Go" mirrors one of Lost's tropes with Jack and John as well as the fact that many people still talk about the show.

I don't write nearly as much as I used to about the show, and looking back wonder how my hands didn't fall off! I didn't even really start blogging until a rewatch in 2010 leading up to the final season. It is fun to see my reactions, my crazy theories, my research into mythology--just trying to find some answers! That was the fun part about Lost, talking about it with friends and my husband, posting on forums, sharing ideas. The show sparked a collaborative discussion among many. I tried to stay away from podcasts, articles, and blogs at the time. There had to be a limit of how much Lost information I was allowing myself to be subjected to. I hadn't seen so many twists, turns, and whoa's since Twin Peaks.

Turns out that we just visited Oahu again this past summer, and I'll post a few new photos from that trip. We had the Lost tour in 2011. You can click images on this blog's slideshow or go directly to my Flickr account. I've also put some photos in with blog posts. These photos are all taken and copyrighted by Mary and Morgan Woodbury.

Most recent Hawaii tours

Hurley's van scene