Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Miss Lost

Rainforest - Oahu

I wonder if it is time to rewatch Lost? I rewatched it all after it ended last year, but because I had seen it so recently I didn't pay attention a lot of time. I remember even falling asleep through several episodes.

Tonight it just crept up on me how there is a void now, which the show had filled, which is odd. I don't remember ever really liking anything on tv or a movie so much, ever. I haven't even thought about the show much lately, except I guess looking into a tour of where it was filmed in Hawaii made me start thinking about it again. I booked our tour today; we'll do an 8-hour tour of Lost sets and scenery on February 12.

I hate to admit it, but I think this will be a highlight in my life. Mainly because the way the show moved me was unlikely. I also am not a celebrity watcher sort, but now and then find myself looking up the cast to see what they may be starring in next. Daniel Dae Kim is in Hawaii 5-O, which Morgan is watching, but I have not watched it so far, and I feel on the fence about watching some other stuff those actors may be in. I think it would be tough to see them in different roles, breaking that idealistic island story where they became real, or at least the story did.

I miss the discovery of Lost, watching it newly, with Morgan, in a way that makes me feel like a little girl who has lost her best friend and has only the home movie to remind herself.
I think I'll wait awhile before rewatching it, though.

I had a small thought today that trying to create a story with such intriguing characters may be something I should do. I am trying. I just don't really have it down yet, and I don't want to make it like Lost. I want to make a fresh, novel idea that has some characters I make up in my head going through a period of life together. I just can't figure it out yet.

Well, I am sad that Lost has ended and is gone, and hardly anyone's talking about it anymore, and those who are a ring of obsessed people, and I don't think I'm quite there. I just miss a good thing and haven't found a show I like as much since. I am not sure that any show will ever appeal to me like Lost did.

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