Friday, February 11, 2011

Hawaii, Day 2

Koko Crater Botanical Gardens

Today was pretty long, so I'll keep this short!

Got up this morning and decided to go to Koko Crater Botanical Gardens, which we couldn't find a parking lot at so parked about a half mile away. We got back up the hill and found that a narrow dirt (mud) road that led into the place was really a road to drive on, not a walk path. Anyway, we got a good five miles in, including the walk up to and back from the place. The gardens were not in bloom this time of year, but it was warm enough, even in the morning, to break out a good sweat. We saw all kinds of non-blooming vegetation, though there was plenty of blossoming bogainvillea and other stuff, along with alien looking cacti and who knows what else.

We hung out by the pool too, and I took one swim and soaked my feet, which are now full of blisters from all the walking. 

Tonight we went to a luau, which was great fun and quite magical. We took a tour bus to the west side of the island, to Paradise Cove, and had a great night of free drinks and shows. They had a pig roast right on the beach, dancers, re eaters, and all that. The night was beautiful. It has been a bit overcast combined with sun here, so the sunset tonight was sort of covered by clouds. They had a show of how to pull in a net for fish, which was cool.
The stars and half-moon were out tonight between clouds. I had a great time, and it was very romantic Anyway, I think tomorrow will be a little relaxing. Then Saturday is the 8-hour LOST tour! I'm so excited.

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