Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fajita Field Trip

Coconut Grove

It's time for a good Lost catch-up.

Lost is now weaving some reveals into character-focused episodes.

Excepting the season premiere, we've seen some flash sideways (remember my timeline discussion a few posts ago?) into, in order, Kate's, Locke's, Jack's, Sayid's, Ben's, Sawyer's, Richard's, Sun and Jin's, Desmond's, and now HUGO \HURLEY' REYES' alternative lives.

It just keeps getting better and better. The Richard episode was magnificent and gave some insight into the Black Rock's crash onto the island as well as showed more of Man in Black and Jacob's seemingly timeless, ageless "game".

Last week was also a favorite of mine as it brought back my hero Desmond, along with Charlie and Daniel (Faraday), easily also very likable characters who the audiences misses, since they have been killed, except for Desmond who is like an eternal time-traveler.

But things are possible in alternative lifetimes, correct?

Tonight's show produced a lot of "whoa" comments in the first few moments. From the beginning, with Hurley's winning of some award for philanthropy efforts as the CEO of Mr. Cluck's Chicken, to his eventual reunion with Libby! By the way, at the awards presentation it was none other than Dr. Chang, Miles' dad and narrator of all those old Dharma Initiative orientation videos, who was the presenter.

Tonight's show built on last week's episode, where Desmond, Daniel, and Charlie were so focused on the one true love soulmates in their lives; Hurley, too, in tonight's show carried on this tradition, with Libby, of course. We are learning that loved ones are "constants" that serve to bring back memories of their other timelines, and Hurley realizes just who this Libby is when he kisses her and remembers their short-lived romance on the island. It was a sweet moment.

I'm pretty sure that Desmond is there to urge these new timeline guys to find their soulmates so that the course-correction can begin, and this would lead to a reunited effort back on the island or possibly just lead to the should-be fate or whatever. I get so lost watching this show! 

It might make my head hurt, but after Desmond coincidentally ran into Hurley at Mr. Cluck's Chicken and encouraged him to follow up on meeting the strange Libby, despite the fact she might be crazy. . . possibly the best line of the night came through, when Hurley indeed went over to Santa Rosa  hospital and asked Libby's doctor if she could have a little "fajita field trip".

Potentially the funniest moment was seeing Freaks 'n Geeks actor Samm Levine as a counter boy at Mr. Cluck's Chicken!

I think there is some crossover in Libby's timeline, since she is in the same mental hospital that she was before, when unbeknownst to Hurley, we viewed, in the prime timeline of the original Losties, how Hurley had spent a brief stint in that same mental hospital, where he met Leonard Simms, the psychotic patient who played with the abacus and repeated the numbers that eventually led Hurley to win the lottery, go to Australia to see one of Leonard's old pals, and thus end up on the island after his Oceanic 815 flight crashed on the way back from Sydney to LAX.

In that other timeline, we saw a scene of Libby at the same place (Santa Rosa mental place), and wondered why she was there. We get the idea Hurley did not know who she was nor even knew her, since later they were both on the same plane that crashed, had a romance, and hadn't remembered each other, even with Hurlye's "Don't I know you from somewhere" line that went nowhere. In that original hospital scene, she looked forlorn and twisted and very sad. Up until she ended up on the island as a survivor from the tail section, the only other thing we knew about her was that she lost her husband, who had bought a nice sailboat, and then she met Desmond and gave him that boat, which he then went on a world sailing trip to impress Penny's father, which ended HIM up on the island in a storm and crash.

Anyhow, everyone always wondered just what the heck was up with Libby in that first sad scene in the hospital. In tonight's episode we learned that she was there voluntarily, though we still don't know why. Though, if her husband had died, she might have fallen apart.

There were some other decent scenes tonight, including the coldhearted Ilana being careless with unstable dynamite and accidentally blowing herself up with it, the reappearance of Michael (!) who talks to Hurley (who can see dead people), the confirmation that the strange whispers heard around the island are in fact dead people, the evil eyes of John Locke as he throws Desmond down the well, the cool and aloof Desmond as he is now back on this island acting as some sort of time-traveling prophet now in the role of gathering the original Losties back from the new alternative timeline for one last reunion (or maybe I am just getting confused), to Desmond running over Locke in his car at the end near a school where Ben was teaching. Etc. So many things are happening on Lost now that is just a whirl in my head.

Speaking of Flocke pushing Desmond down a well, when I little I  had the worst, very worst fear that someone would push me down a well or I would fall down one. I am supposing this came from reading Alice in Wonderland. There was also Darby O'Gill and the Little People. A well is a good tool: it's black down there, and you don't know whether the guy lived or died or caught on a ledge or found some leprechauns or maybe a funny rabbit. Plus it's deep down, like the hatch. Well, anyway, we got a lesson from Flocke about the well being very old and leading down to a place of very high electro-magentism. He said the wells were so ancient they were built without the help of machines. Anyway, how could the electro-magnetism stuff possibly bother Desmond after having survived Widmore's magnet test from last week? It's the same well, in fact, where the wheel of time is, so that's interesting!

I did a little web-searching and found a well appearing much like the one shown in Lost tonight, and it turned out to be a Celtic holy well. Of course, wells are supposed to lead to water, not to deposits of great magnetic fields or a donkey wheel. Turns out in mythology, many wells led to the underworld or to holy waters--reminded me again of the potential of holy water rivers running beneath the island and up into the temple. Other wells, you toss a penny into for good luck. Well if a Penny isn't around, I guess you toss a Desmond into the well! Is that a terrible joke?

We also saw a strange boy materialize in the jungle of the island; it was the same boy shown in an earlier episode, with the same tattered clothing and holding a big walking stick. This same young boy was from a previous episode, and some claim it may be Jacob as a little boy. Ironically, John Locke was carving a big stick during tonight's show, to which he gave no explanation of its future use, other than he didn't know yet. Similar to what Locke told Claire when he was building her a cradle. Though we have to remember that this is NOT Locke, but Man in Black taking over Locke's human form. Regardless, this boy had a walking stick of about the same size. When Not-Locke, Jack, and crew saw this boy in the jungle, Flocke was very adamant about getting away from him immediately.

Who is this young boy?

The first time we saw him was in The Substitute. Flocke saw him standing in a a patch of sunlight, posed in religious-like imagery with his arms partially spread out and revealing blood dripping down them, and Flocke was scared by this image. He saw the boy again later in the same episode, with Sawyer, who also saw him, so we know it wasn't a hallucination on Flocke's part. This second time, the boy was normal and not bleeding. The second time, we see the boy say to Flocke, "You can't kill him" (it was against the rules). And Flocke yelled, "Don't tell me what I can't do" a couple times,  reminiscent of the real Locke's tragedy with his legs and saying the exact thing to a Walkabout guide who told Locke he couldn't go on a walkabout in a wheelchair. Or to his boss back in the off-island world, who teased Locke about not being able to do much of anything at all. It was just an often repeated phrase throughout Lost.

Who was "him"? Flocke had already killed Jacob. Is the boy warning him anyway, saying "you shouldn't have killed him. . . it's against the rules?"

The "rules" was an apparent allusion back to part 1 of The Incident, where Man in Black says he will have to find a loophole in order to kill Jacob. This would mean finding a loophole outside the realm of whatever natural state or laws existed that would prevent Man in Black from killing Jacob.
I believe this boy might be young Jacob reappearing to Flocke (Man in Black) after he broke the rules.

If it's not Jacob, it could possibly be some time-traveling apparition of Aaron or little Charlie. But it makes more sense that this would be little Jacob, since he had a pact with Man in Black, which Man in Black broke by finding a loophole and having Ben kill Jacob. We know Jacob is dead; he has appeared to Hurley. But how is this little boy manifesting? I just know that he never manifested until after Jacob was killed. And this ghost scares Flocke, more than ever on tonight's episode where he was running away. It's funny that in Substitute, Sawyer never just went up to the boy and that in tonight's episode, Jack didn't (nor anyone else). It was very odd. A kid on the island?

In the Substitute, the blood on the kid's arms--going with the Jacob theory--makes me wonder if Jacob had died when younger or been hurt and given some gift, like Richard had, of eternal life, and perhaps that is why he wasn't really supposed to have been able to die. 

If the stick Flocke was carving ended up being the young Jacob's ghost's walking stick, what does that say? I don't believe that the boy carried the stick in the Substitute, only in tonight's episode. Gahhh, such a little detail that bugs me to no end!

Breaking it down, what sort of people or deities are Jacob and Man in Black which would prevent MiB from killing Jacob?

I've heard theories that have MiB being Jacob's eternal servant, father, brother, etc. One theory I love to entertain myself is that one cannot truly kill the other because metaphorically they are the same person, representing yin/yang, twins, etc.Who knows? 

I have developed a headache from thinking, and must sleep, but dang! Five more episodes. I think Morgan is probably bored of watching television all by himself these days, because I get bored easily watching anything that isn't Lost. It's my once-a-week t.v. hour, and then I go nuts with it. It's like the Superbowl. Tonight when I saw Libby I literally yelled gleefully as though the Bears had just scored a touchdown (if I liked the Bears).

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