Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lost Dichometies

Fish biscuit lever

The entire following post is something interesting thing that someone posted at SA:

Justice / Love
Barter / Gift
Retribution / Forgiveness
Calculation / Supererogation
Dark / Light
Desire / Duty
Eros / Agape
Consequentialism / Deontology
The Good / The Right
Determined / Freedom
Fatalism / Hope
Finitude / Infinity
Worldly / Otherworldly
Sensual / Spiritual
Self-interest / Other-regarding
Temporality / Eternity
Peter Singer / S ren Kierkegaard
Old Testament God / New Testament God-man
Book of Job Adversary / Book of Job God
Sawyer (at his best) / Hurley (at his best)
Anubis / Ra
Smokey / Jacob

Evil / Good

I dunno. That's just a guess. It makes sense if you think of humanity as sinful, or at least as deserving of punishment. That way Smokey has a "loophole" and can kill people justly. And certainly all of the main characters have done some pretty sick shit, save maybe the original Locke who was like a prelapsarian Adam, naive and innocent. And Smokey didn't kill him in the first season when he ran into him, if you remember.
Also, anyone else think that Hurley is going to want to try and forgive/save even Smokey at the end? That makes the most sense to me, given Jacob's actions in the past (Jacob, at least, would want even for Smokey to change his ways). I could see Hurley trying to do that--he didn't want to leave Claire behind like Sawyer did when  fleeing  Smokey's camp-group.

At least that's what I think, minus the fact that Smokey seems like a real dick and the island stops hell from overflowing. Also, Smokey looks a lot like a snake or worm, which is somehow how Apep the Egyptian god of evil is depicted, which doesn't bode well for my interpretation.

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